Roboze Filament CARBON PEEK Argo 2kg

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Composite material with PEEK matrix for parts with high structural characteristics

Carbon PEEK is a composite material reinforced with carbon fiber, with extraordinary characteristics in terms of mechanicalthermal and chemical resistance.
The addition of carbon fiber makes the material even more resistant from a mechanical point of view and allows you to go further in the Metal Replacement process even in the most extreme industrial sectors.
Carbon PEEK finds application in a wide range of industrial sectors. It is used in very specific areas where a further increase in mechanical performance is required for out-of-the-ordinary performance.

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  • Mechanical resistance

Carbon PEEK is reinforced with carbon fiber.
The addition of carbon fiber increases the mechanical strength of the PEEK matrix, ensuring structural functionality up to 536°F (280 °C).
  • Heat resistance

The thermal conductivity of the carbon fiber favors a more homogeneous heat distribution. The reduced coefficient of thermal expansion of Carbon PEEK, in fact, leads to greater dimensional stability at high temperatures.
  • Chemical Resistance

The PEEK polymer matrix makes printed parts chemically resistant to most organic solvents, acids and bases even at high temperatures, making Carbon PEEK the leading candidate for metal replacement in the most chemically aggressive working environments.

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    Weight 4,41 lbs
    Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in

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