Roboze Filament FUNCTIONAL-NYLON Argo 2kg

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ARGO 350 processes a wide range of engineering polymers and super polymers. From aesthetic materials such as ULTRA-PLA and ABS, passing through flexible materials such as FLEX-TPU, arriving at super polymers such as PEEK and CarbonPEEK. Thanks to the extreme versatility and performance of super polymers, you can create functional prototypes and micro lots for extremely different applications, accelerating the development, testing and marketing phase of your products.

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High performance materials

Functional prototyping and customized production of small batches

Accuracy and repeatability
Roboze has eliminated belts from 3D printing thanks to the Beltless System, the patented direct mechatronic movement of the X and Y axes with gears. The Beltless System guarantees mechanical precision of 0,4 mil (10 µm) and unparalleled repeatability for a constant production process over time.
Parts up to 13.8x11.8x11.8 in
Produce large parts in PEEK and CARBON PEEK, in a repeatable and accurate manner with ARGO 350. The automatic build plate leveling system of the Roboze ARGO 350 ensures perfect flatness and adhesion of the first layer, guaranteeing repeatable print results and eliminating any manual operation
Super polymers
ARGO 350 has been designed to produce finished parts using the highest performing super polymers and composites of the entire sector, monitoring the management of the material, from hygroscopic control to drying and preheating, up to the gradual cooling phase of the produced part. Everything is designed to achieve extraordinary mechanical performance.

Accuracy and repeatability at high temperatures

  • Heated chamber up to 356°F

  • Metal replacement

  • Dimensional tolerances

    HVP Extruder is the patented extrusion system on ARGO 350 that allows the printing of super polymers and composites for the replacement of metal parts. The extrusion system has been designed to process materials up to 450 ° C, making the 3D printing of super polymers a stable and robust process that is guaranteed even for long-lasting prints.  

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