Filament PEEK (2 kg)

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Roboze PEEK is a semi-crystalline super polymer that combines excellent mechanical characteristics with incredible thermal and chemical resistance properties, used in extreme applications where electrical insulation, high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction are also required.

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PEEKPolyether Ether Ketone, is a semi-crystalline plastic that belongs to the PAEK (Polyaryletherketone) family of polymers.

It has high mechanical properties and, thanks to the diphenylketone groups in its chemical structure, it has a high thermal and oxidation resistance.
The molecular structure of the filament also includes ethereal bonds which provide flexibility, and due to the semi-crystalline nature of this plastic, it has a high resistance to creep and wear over a wide range of temperatures.

The filament also exhibits high volume resistivity and surface resistivity and, together with its high thermal resistance, can maintain good insulating properties over a wide temperature range.

Main characteristics

01) Fatigue resistance

PEEK has a very high fatigue strength. This feature makes it perfect for tribological applications where wear resistance and self-lubricating properties are required.
Roboze customers use this material for functional prototyping, small series production and one-off products subjected to extreme conditions.

02) Heat resistance

From a thermal point of view, PEEK has excellent dimensional stability and a CUT of 473°F (245 ° C). These properties result in PEEK being able to withstand heavy loads for long periods at a high temperature without permanent deformation.

03) Chemical Inertia

From a chemical point of view, the tests carried out demonstrate chemical inertia to most organic solvents, acids and bases. This makes it suitable for environments with critical conditions such as naval and Oil & Gas. In the medical field, the printed parts can be sterilized with saturated steam, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid solution.

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