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Roboze Filament ULTRA NATURAL Argo 2kg

Roboze ULTRA-PLA filament is a technical material for high definition components. Composed of a blend of loaded PLA, it is ideal for printing prototypes and small series that need definition and surface quality.

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Weight 4.41 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in

Available colors




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Robustness, precision, reliability

From micro to UltraFAST prints with advanced materials

Custom 3D printing and scalability for different sectors

In-house design-test-modification cycle for the production of competitive electrical components. Produce your ultra-detailed parts from materials that match your technical requirements with the most repeatable and scalable 3D printing technology in the industry.

Support for industrial production lines

Professional 3D printer which makes your industrial production safe, fast and standardized, getting tools and equipment in half the time compared to other solutions on the market. The high dimensional accuracy of the parts, given by the technological ecosystem created, ensures quality, accuracy and repeatability of the equipment over time.

Increase your efficiency and competitiveness

Roboze‘s specialization in Metal Replacement and 3D Printing is a valuable tool for integrating traditional production, producing small customized batches, digitalizing the warehouse and reducing costs and delivery times of finished products

Produce functional parts in super polymers and composites

  • Ultra-detailed PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ToolingX CF components

  • New high performance materials

  • Prototypes and equipment in half the time