Kings 2700Pro SLA 3D Printer

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The Kings 2700Pro is a 3D printer that offers efficient and cost-effective prototyping solutions. It features a high-speed scanning system, adjustable laser spot and power options, automatic parameter identification, and a full marble structure for stability and accuracy. The printer allows for the direct creation of objects from computer graphics data and is suitable for various industrial applications. It is known for its groundbreaking speed and cost reduction in batch and large-scale production capabilities.

Kings 2700Pro SLA 3D Printer


Kings 2700Pro is a large-format SLA 3D printer with three lasers. It is known for its efficient and cost-effective prototyping capabilities. 

  • Long-term Printing Stability: The Kings 2700Pro incorporates key components from top international brands, ensuring long-term stability in printing performance and minimizing the risk of breakdowns or malfunctions.
  • Efficient and Cost-effective Prototyping: The Kings 2700Pro offers a cost-effective solution for prototyping, allowing businesses to save on production costs and time.
  • Enhanced Printing Efficiency: The intelligent high-speed scanning system of the Kings 2700Pro ensures faster printing speeds, improving overall efficiency in the prototyping process.
  • Full Marble Structure and High Stiffness Light Recoater: The full marble structure of the Kings 2700Pro provides excellent stability and rigidity, reducing vibrations during the printing process and enhancing accuracy in the final prints.
  • Industrial Applications: The Kings 2700Pro is suitable for various industrial applications, including equipment manufacturing, aerospace, automobiles, and intelligent manufacturing. It offers versatility in meeting the prototyping needs of different industries.

With 23 innovative technologies, it offers high-speed SLA 3D printing, allowing you to bring your ideas into realit


    The function of the 3D printer is to directly create objects of various shapes from computer graphics data without the need for machining or molds. This significantly reduces the production cycle of products and improves productivity. While there is still room for improvement, the market potential for 3D printing technology is enormous, and it is expected to become a prominent technology in the future manufacturing industry.

    Industrial 3D printers like the Kings 2700Pro are widely used in fields such as equipment manufacturing, aerospace, automobiles, and intelligent manufacturing. This latest generation of 3D printers has achieved groundbreaking speed, reducing costs by half while approaching the strength of metal. These printers excel in batch and large-scale production capabilities.

    Additional information

    Weight 7937 lbs
    Dimensions 142 × 32 × 106 in

    The Type of 3D Printer

    SLA Kings 3D Printer 2700Pro




    3600kg, 7937Lb

    First Tank Resin

    4299Lb 1950kg

    3D Printer Dimensions

    142x32x106in, 360x81x270cm

    Rated Power Consumption


    Build Volume

    106x35x32in, 2700x900x800mm

    3D printers


    Printing material


    Max Scanning Speed

    8.0 m/s

    Laser Type

    Solid-state frequency tripled Nd: YV04



    Resin Surface Power

    ≥300 mW

    Vertical Resolution Ratio


    Motion Control System


    Machine Control Software

    KINGS 3D control software

    lnput Data File Format


    Operating System

    Windows 7/10

    Electrical Requirement

    200-240VAC 50/6OHz, single-phase,10A

    Ambient Temperature


    Relative Humidity