Produce large-scale parts, prototypes, and molds within hours.

The Massivit 5000 is designed to serve Industry 4.0 requirements by offering a range of advanced features that increase workflow efficiencies.
  • 5 print modes that optimize speed and size
  • 3 printing materials including HD 0.5mm
  • Dual material system
  • Produce full-scale parts, prototypes, and molds within hours, instead of days
  • Massivit SMART Pro automated file preparation including Auto Orientation
  • Easy monitoring with 3 internal cameras plus a flat panel display
The Massivit 5000 overcomes recognized 3D printing barriers related to speed and size. It offers advanced features such as a dual material system – enabling a different material to be printed on each print head simultaneously – and sophisticated computer vision software coupled with in-tip auto detection during printing. The new DIM 110 printing material enables high definition printing, and 2 new layer thicknesses allow optimization of speed and size according to requirements.





No. of printing heads


Unprecedented printing speed

300mm/sec linear speed., 35cm/13.7” on Z axis per hour.

Printing quality

Fast, High Definition, High Resolution, Normal, Quality

Supported materials

Dimengel 110, Dimengel 100, & Dimengel 90

Integrated software

Massivit SMART Pro Slicer (purchased separately)

Max. printing size

44” (111 cm) DEPTH, 57” (145 cm) WIDTH, 70” (180 cm) HEIGHT

3D printers

Gel Dispensing Printing


12 months

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