Additive Plus Model FL – 3D Printing Resin


Additive Plus Model FL Photopolymer Resin for 3D Printers, No Odor SLA Resin Compatible with FormLabs Form 2 3D Printers, High Detailing, High Precision Printing

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The photopolymer is suitable for creating high-quality models using SLA 3D printers. In particular, the materials were successfully tested on Formlabs printers in Open Mode configuration.


  • High strength and elasticity;
  • Wide application in accessory manufacturing;
  • Liquid is free from inclusions and precipitate;
  • Polymer is stable if stored properly;
  • Shelf life – 12 months.

Physical and mechanical properties

Density at 20°С1090-1150 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity (mPa*s)512 23 °С
Kinematic viscosity290 cSt
UV curing wavelengthup to 410 nm
Shore hardness72 scale D
Charpy impact strength unnotched9 kJ/m2
Charpy impact strength notched2 kJ /m2
Tensile strength at break33 MPa
Elongation at break9 %
Flexural modulus448 MPa
Bending stress18 MPa
Bending strain9 %
Shrinkage0.7 %

Available colors

Black, Gray


1000 ml, 500 ml



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