Nexa3D 3D Printer NXE200-Pro-NA


No need to compromise—the NXE 200Pro 3D printer provides exceptional affordability for designers, engineers and manufacturers who need fast, accurate and cost-effective prototyping and manufacturing solutions. The NXE 200Pro is powered by LSPc technology, and its 200mm z-stroke is perfect for building smaller parts as as enabling downstream processes for semi-continuous production.

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Remarkably fast 3D printer, capable of reaching up to 1Z centimeter build per minute. With its proprietary LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) technology NXE400 prints at 6X the speed and 2.5X volume of all other comparable 3D printers on the market.


Sophisticated yet amazingly intuitive software is the core of NXE 400 uncompromising performance. Just download the part, select the resin and you are ready to print.
  • Large 16-liter build volume allows printing sizeable parts and higher part throughput
  • Modular design to ease replacement parts interchange and to allow seamless technology upgrades
  • Remote printing job management and printer statistics with NexaX v1 Software
  • Designed for complete factory automation
  • Injection molding quality at unprecedented printing speed


  • xCE-White – the fastest single cure polymer boasting higher flexural strength compared to those typically achieved only in dual cure cyanate ester resins.
  • xCLEAN – effective and environmentally friendly washing solvent that is designed to work consistently with most photopolymer 3D printers and resin systems available on the market.
  • xMED412 – polypropylene-like material that is ideal for manufacturing a variety of biocompatible, medical and wearable devices. xMED412 is based on Henkel’s Loctite® MED412 material and is covered by all of its associated clearances, tests and certifications.
  • 3843-xABS Black – high performance, high modulus material that boasts excellent flexural and tensile physical properties with a relatively high degree of elongation.
  • xABS-HT-Orange – ABS class, high temperature durable, low shrinkage resin for production of functional engineering parts requiring stronger durability.
  • xGPP-Translucent – tough, accurate, fast printing material. Low shrinkage, high accuracy and no water absorption. Perfect for performance prototyping and functional end use parts.
  • xGPP-Gray – prototyping resin with high detail and great surface finish material. Great applicational variety from form, fit and function analysis to industrial grade durability & assembly.
  • xGPP- Blue – prototyping resin for ultrafast design iterations, rapid prototyping and form & fit testing. Delivers fully functional prototypes at the fastest printing speed in its class.

Ships with basic part finishing tools accessory kit

  • Max build requires wash basin & cure chamber with 300 x 180 x 480mm (12 x 7 x 19 in) capacity
  • Requires UV curing unit capable of > 2mW/cm2 and 60°C (ideal 20mW/cm2 and up to 120°C)

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 75 in




550 Lb

3D Printer Dimensions

710 × 710 × 1675 mm (28 × 28 × 66 inch)

Build Volume

10.8×6.1×15.7 in, 255x175x200 mm

Printing technology


Max Resolution

4K (3840 x 2160)

Pixel Pitch

76.5 µm (0.0030 in)


405 nm

Build Materials

UV Curable Plastics: xGPP-Blue, xGPP-Transparent, xGPP-Grey, xABS-HT-Orange, 3843-ABS-Black, xCE-Black, xMED, xCAST

Material Packaging

5kg jerry can

Air Temperature

20-25˚C (60-80˚F)


RH below 70%


NA Version : 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 8A (NEMA 15-5R) EU Version: 210-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 4A (CEE 7/7)

3D Printer crated

990 x 990 x 1905mm (39 x 39 x 75 inch)

3D Printer uncrated

710 x 710 x 1675 mm (28 x 28 x 66 inch)

Weight crated

250 kg (550lb)

Weight incrated

160kg (350lb)

Materialise MagicsPrint for Nexa3D Software

Full featured toolset including auto orientation and nesting, auto support generation, mesh repair wizard, and part editing

NexaX v1 Software

Easy build processing and Remote Printer Management: submission and queues, job statisitics.


GigaBit Ethernet RJ-45, WiFi Interface

Client Hardware Recommendation

– 3 GHz multiple core processor with 16+ GB RAM – NVIDEA GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 or better graphics with 4+ GB RAM – 3 GB available HDD space, additional 10GB for files / cache

Client Operating System

Windows 10, 64bit

Input Data File Formats Supported

.stl, .3mf


Ships with basic part finishing tools accessory kit


12 months

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