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The “Reactive” photopolymer is suitable for LCD 3D printers. In liquid form, the material has a low viscosity and high print speed. When using Anycubic Photon printers, it is recommended to set the exposure time over 10 seconds per layer at 50 µm. On Anycubic Photon S printers, the exposure time can be reduced to 6 seconds.
Currently, “Reactive” is the fastest curing resin in the  Additive Plus polymers line. The resin offers very high detail both at the Z- and XY-axes. This allows you to print small and complex details. The polymer will be perfect for making functional parts and highly detailed figures for board games – wherever definition and maximum quality are required.
However, you can note a slight chemical odor when opening the bottle.

Physical and mechanical properties

Dynamic viscosity 23 °С345 mPa*s
Kinematic viscosity290 cSt
UV curing wavelengthup to 410 nm
Shore hardness78 scale D
Charpy impact strength unnotchedover 8 kJ/m2
Charpy impact strength notchedover 1.9 kJ /m2
Tensile strength at break34,9 MPa
Elongation at break9 %
Elongation at break7.5 %
Flexural modulusover 640 MPa
Bending stress24-28 MPa
Bending strain9-10 %
Shrinkage0.9 %

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Available colors

Black, Blue, Red


1000 ml, 500 ml