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The “Simple” photopolymer is suitable for LCD 3D printers. In liquid form, the material has an average viscosity and low print speed. When using Anycubic Photon printers, it is recommended to set the exposure time from 18 to 24 seconds per layer at 50 µm.
“Simple” can be used to produce decorative models for board games, prototypes that require good detail. An important feature of the polymer is its compatibility with platinum-cure silicones.

Physical and mechanical properties

Density at 20°С1090-1130 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity 23 °С90-110 mPa*s 
Kinematic viscosity290 cSt
UV curing wavelengthup to 410 nm
Shore hardness50 scale D
Deformation temperature100 °C
Charpy impact strength unnotchedover 5 kJ/m2
Charpy impact strength notchedover 1.5 kJ /m2
Tensile strength at break5 MPa
Elongation at break19-25 %
Elongation at break7.5 %
Flexural modulusover 200 MPa
Bending stress7-15 MPa
Bending strain6-12 %
Shrinkage0.7 %

Available colors

Black, Blue, Red


1000 ml, 500 ml



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