Nexa3D xCE-White Cyanate Ester like 3D Printing Resin


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High performance polymer for producing end-use plastic parts and injection molding tools in minutes. Nexa3D’s new material is the fastest single cure polymer boasting higher flexural strength compared to those typically achieved only in dual cure cyanate ester resins. xCE-White has excellent isotropic properties and exhibit long-term environmental stability. xCE-White is used to produce injection molding tools for a wide range of thermoplastic polymers including PP, PE, HDPE and PETG. Molds printed from xCE-White were successfully injected hundreds of times at temperatures between 230°C and 280°C without any visible mold temperature degradation or adhesion, and without the use of any mold release agents.

Unique Features

  • Fastest single cure polymer for heavy-duty parts and injection molding tools.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy with inherent functionality to withstand load, pressure & temperature.
  • High flexural strength comparable only to dual-cure cyanate ester resins.
  • Isotropic properties for automotive, electronics and industrial components.


  • Automotive parts, automation & robotics assemblies.
  • Serial production of industrial components.
  • Fast Production of functional injection molding tools.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength at BreakASTM D63878.5 MPa11.5 ksi
Young’s ModulusASTM D6382.5 GPa363 ksi
Elongation at BreakASTM D63813%13%
Flexural Strength at YieldASTM D790135 MPa19.6 ksi
Flexural ModulusASTM D22403.25 GPa471 ksi
IZOD Impact (notched)ASTM D25620 J/m0.33 ft-lbs/in
Shore Hardness (0s, 3s) D ScaleASTM D22409090




5000 ml

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