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Explosion-Proof Solutions: Vacuum Systems for LPBF Powder Collection. Webinar record.

Webinar hosted by Additive Plus and Delfin Vacuum Systems

During this video, you will learn about the importance of air safety and industrial cleaning in the Additive Manufacturing facilities where LPBF technologies are used with reactive and non-reactive materials. We introduced you to specialized industrial vacuum cleaners by Delfin, designed specifically for collecting these materials from 3D printers. 

Delfin Industrial solutions for AM: 

1. Safety collection of reactive and non-reactive materials. 

2. Complete filtration and high-quality air in the workplace due to an anti-static M-class filter and an optional HEPA filter. 

3. Explosion-proof design for materials such as titanium, aluminum, or carbon. This webinar program focused on presenting Delfin solutions for safe and efficient work with 3D printers (Additive Manufacturing).

3D printing is revolutionizing production and prototyping, and industrial vacuum cleaners play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and functionality.

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners are essential for cleaning production cells, printer components, and floors to prevent contamination and ensure machine functionality.
  • Vacuum cleaners are also used for final cleaning of products, removing dust residuals and ensuring high product quality.
  • For non-combustible materials, three-phase vacuum cleaners with high collection capacity and filtration units are suitable.
  • For combustible dust, NRTL Certified vacuum cleaners with antistatic filters, earth grounding, stainless steel canisters, and maintenance-free motors are necessary.
  • Vacuum cleaner solutions provided by Delfin cater to different materials and safety requirements.

Delfin industrial vacuums enable the recovery of polymer powders, reduce maintenance costs, guarantee efficiency of the 3D printer and quality of the finished parts. Moreover, Delfin dust collectors are the ideal solution for extraction at the source on 3D additive machinery.