Additive manu­facturing.

Complete 3D printing solutions for your industry







ATO technology is the answer for the needs of
faster development of new metal powders.

Material Freedom
Switch between different materials
within 1-2 hours
Obtain premium powder with sphericity
at ~95%
produce various metal and alloy powders
20-120 microns powder distribution


Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel-based, steels, Niobium,
Molybdenum and other alloys

Powder shows a high sphericity with no satellites,
which ensures high flowability

Success stories

For Jewelry Case

Jewelry and watchmakers around the world create real works of art using 3D ceramic printing

Additive manufacturing enables the production of functional prototypes or the production of single or...


3D printing brings design, construction, repair and tuning solutions to the automotive industry

Production of car parts, the fastest replacement of worn-out accessories, tuning the body and interior....


3D printing in Education: visualization of complex structures and objects

The opportunity to develop students’ spatial thinking and creative skills, as well as to quickly reproduce models, created by the students themselves...

For Dental Case A+

3D printing improves the effectiveness and quality of dental treatment for patients on a daily basis

3D SLA printing on 3D Systems ProX 800 printer provides daily production of jaw models molds for...


Reduced production costs for fasteners and improved assembly of parts for the aerospace industry

Using 3D printing allows you to produce fasteners for spacecraft and civil and military aircraft, while...

For SLA print Case Aerospace

SLA printing reduced the production cycle of an aircraft engine sleeve by 3 months

SLA printing with QuickCast technology has reduced the production time for bushing used in aircraft...

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