The aim

Production of car parts, the fastest replacement of worn-out accessories, tuning the body and interior.

The solution

Printing of components with high-strength photopolymers, polyamides that can withstand even high temperature loads.

Some examples of additive manufacturing solutions for the automotive industry are:

Advantages and results

3D printing allows you to quickly produce functional parts in the automotive industry, as well as provide quick replacement of worn parts. 3D printing is highly efficient, in some cases the production time is reduced by 80% compared to traditional manufacturing methods, as well as the cost price can be significantly reduced. Additive manufacturing provides truly limitless opportunities for prototyping, maintenance, and tuning of cars and motorcycles.

Please note that the world’s fastest Nexa3D printer solves the challenges of the automotive industry on a turnkey basis.

The aim

Application of additive technologies where it is impossible to use traditional casting methods.

The solution

Laser powder melting technology using high- quality titanium, aluminum, and high-strength steel fine metal powders can be used to reduce production cycle time and cost for single part manufacturing. This technology can be used in a broad range of industries, from dental to aerospace


Applications and results

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