3D printing improves the effectiveness and quality of dental treatment for patients on a daily basis

The aim

High-precision printing of 300 molds of patient’s jaw models per day.

The solution

3D SLA printing on 3D Systems ProX 800 printer provides daily production of jaw models molds for hundreds of patients. It is possible to print about 300 items at the same time in 24 hours.


  • High print accuracy of 150 microns.
  • High production speed.
  • The model can be held by itself due to special software processing.
  • Minimum support materials.
  • Fast post-processing.

The result

Saving materials, production volume up to 16,000 items per month, and 40% manufacturing costs redaction of press-molds. Also, 3D printing successfully covers the needs of dental clinics in the production of individual materials for operations and other treatments, composite material crowns , ceramic and metal implants, bridges. The world’s fastest 3D printer Nexa3D and ceramic printers 3DCeram solve any problems of dental clinics.

High-quality metal powder use to produce high-strength parts for various industries

AlSi10Mg Aluminium Metal Powder

The aim

Application of additive technologies where it is impossible to use traditional casting methods.

The solution

Laser powder melting technology using high- quality titanium, aluminum, and high-strength steel fine metal powders can be used to reduce production cycle time and cost for single part manufacturing. This technology can be used in a broad range of industries, from dental to aerospace


  • Achievement of high metal density in the final product is up to 1.5 times higher compare with casting.
  • Creation of miniature forms of complex geometry and design in a single copy or series.
  • Quick sample production of a part, implant, or tool for a prototype, exhibition, or emergency operation.

Applications and results

  • Aerospace industry. 3D printing allows you to reduce the weight of individual elements of the aircraft and reduce the time of production of parts and machining.
  • Automotive industry. Laser powder melting technologies can significantly reduce the weight, volume of the part, as well as the speed of its production and post-processing. The technology is also indispensable for manufacturing functional parts for various units and assemblies.
  • Medicine and dentistry. The production of implants, crowns, bridges in dentistry, as well as the production of special medical instruments for operations brings the quality of treatment to a new functional level, which leads to the most successful result.
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