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Farsoon FS721M

Large-frame Metal System boosts optimal productivity and great ROI

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Farsoon FS721M Brochure



Build Volume

28.3×16.5×16.5 in / 720x420x420 mm

Net Weight

Approx. 5000 kg (11023.1 lb)

External Dimensions (L×W×H)

6610mm×1830mm×2500mm (260.2×72.0×98.4 in)

Layer thickness

Scanning Speed

Max. 10.0 m/s ( 32.8 ft/s )

Laser Type

Dual Lasers, 2×500W (FS721M-2), Eight Lasers, 8×1000W (FS721M-8), Quad Lasers, 4×500W (FS721M-4)


F theta lenses or dynamic focusing system (FS721M-2)(FS721M-4), F theta lenses (FS721M-8)

Inert Gas Protection


Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process

6-8 L / min

Operating system

64 bit Windows 10


BuildStar, MakeStar®

Data File Format


Key Software Features

Open machine key parameters, real-time build parameter modification, three-dimensional
visualization, diagnostic functions

Power Supply

EUR/China: 400V±10%, 3~/N/PE, 50Hz, 40A US: transformer sold with machine

Operating Ambient Temperature

22-28°C (71.6-82.4℉)


316L, AlSi10Mg, HX, IN718, Maraging Steel Grade 300, TA15, Ti6Al4V

3D printers


Printing material



Extensive build envelope of 720 x 420 x 420 mm

 Fast production speed with dual or quad 500-watt lasers

 Integrated powder handling station for ease of operation


Developed with an industry-leading build volume of 720×420×420mm, combined with powerful dual/quad 500W or eight 1000W laser options, Farsoon’s FS721M is able to achieve significantly increased throughput for large-scale parts or extended industrial series production.


Farsoon’s advanced software control and precise scanning system allows uniformed performance in multi-laser overlap zones. Continuous powder feeding, optimized gas flow and integrated filter module allows for uniformed melting process of metal powder. Powerful build process controls & real-time re-coating monitoring ensuring the top industrial build quality


The FS721M’s integrated conveyer system, breakout station and advanced powder handling system allows for an efficient and safe build cylinder transportation and fully-sealed de-powdering process. Features such as advanced calibration and electric leveling allow for streamlined workflow. In addition like all Farsoon machines the FS721M is a truly open platform which offers the user a high degree of control to tailor processing parameters for industrial application requirements or cost-competitive metal additive manufacturing.

Industrial Applications with FS721M

Featuring a unique rectangular industrial sized build platform, FS721M are well suited for large-scaled application favored one axis, or high-volume series production targeted applications aiming to open up new potential opportunities in molds & tooling, automotive and large-format industrial manufacturing.