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Farsoon FS422M a CAMS System

Medium-Large Scale Metal Laser Sintering System with Continuous Production Capability.

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Farsoon FS421M Brochure



External Dimensions (L×W×H)

2770×3220×2350 mm (109.1×126.8×92.5 in)

Build Volume

16.7×16.7×16.5 in / 425x425x420 mm

Net Weight

Approx. 3450kg ( 7605.9 lb ) (FS421M Single-laser), 3500kg ( 7716.2 lb ) (FS421M-2 Dual-laser)

Layer thickness

Scanning Speed

Max. 15.2 m/s ( 49.9 ft/s )

Laser Type

Dual Lasers, 2×500W (FS421M-2), Single Laser, 1×500W (FS421M)


Dynamic focusing system

Inert Gas Protection


Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process

3-5 L / min

Operating system

64 bit Windows 10


BuildStar, MakeStar®

Data File Format


Key Software Features

Open machine key parameters, real-time build parameter modification, three-dimensional
visualization, diagnostic functions

Power Supply

EUR/China: 400V±10%, 3~/N/PE, 50Hz, 40A US: transformer sold with machine

Operating Ambient Temperature

22-28°C (71.6-82.4℉)


316L, AlMgScZr, AlSi10Mg, CuSn10, HAYNES 230, HX, IN625, IN718, TA15, Ti6Al4V

3D printers


Printing material



Extensive build envelope of 425 x 425 x 420 mm

High productivity with dual 500-watt lasers option

 CAMS Concept boosts machine turn-over rate


The FS421M additive metal melting system is a true manufacturing systems capable continuous production. With its 425x425x420mm build cylinder the FS421M is capable of producing large metal parts from a wide range of metal powder materials. The large build volume combined with a multi-laser and fully digital optics system enable enhanced production speed while the internal rail system enables the fast exchange of cylinders between builds.


The FS421M comes equipped with an all new closed looped powder handling system. Powder supply, transport, feeding, and recycling are all integrated into one inert system. The FS421M’s powerful and highly efficient air filtration systems allows for the processing of reactive materials while it’s high capacity and auto-cleaning capability allows for extended use between filter changes.


The FS421M like all Farsoon systems allows for complete freedom of operation by its users. This means that all machine parameters are unlocked for the user as well as an open material policy allowing for previously-impossible levels of freedom and flexibility when it comes to additive metal melting production. In addition, the in house Farsoon software allows for ease of use with both an advanced user interface as well as a touch screen based production interface for everyday use.

Industrial Applications with FS421M

With the industrial scale build size and enhanced production capability, CAMS FS421M platform is the optimal series production tool for high quality medium to large sized end-use components for a significant lower price per part.