Multi Rod Feeding System

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Multi rod feeding system is an optional equipment for units of ATO Lab + series which are designed for atomisation of metals and metal alloys using ultrasonic technology



The purpose of the device is to enable atomisation of materials in the form of a round rod:

  • Diameter 4-10 mm and with diameters close to nominal (with use of self-locking collets of sizes 4, 6, 8, 10).
  • The maximum length of a single 1200 mm or the sum of sections of multiple rods with a total length
    not exceeding 1200 mm when using an extended tube container.
Feeder Diameter [mm] Max lenght (with APR)*[mm] Waste (with APR) [mm] Permissible total radial runout [mm]
MRFS Standard Container 4,6,8,10 320(160) 170(15) 0,5
Extended Container 4,6,8,10 1200(1040) 170(15)

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12 months