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About Technology

Additive technologies are successfully used not only for fast and economical production in the field of industry, aircraft construction, medicine and cooking. Modern 3D printers are also used by professional jewelers, who use new devices and technologies to create jewelry of any complexity. Additive technologies allow you to fully apply an individual approach to each client, model products to order, and produce them in the shortest possible time.


Technology Advantages

A 3D printer can print a model of any complex shape, including internal cavities and complex joints.

3D printing allows you to create unique products made according to the author’s sketches in a single copy, as well as transfer them to mass production in the future.

The master model shows shortcomings that are eliminated before printing the finished decoration.

Thanks to the use of 3D technologies, even a small jewelry production quickly increases the speed of order production and can scale them to any size.

Precise 3D printing reproduce shapes with smooth walls and minimal support. After casting metals into such forms, minimal post-processing is required.

3D Printers & related products

Application of 3D printers in Industries

Ceramics is the material of the future. It has high mechanical strength, hardness and wear resistance of the resulting parts. Low density, light weight of products. Ceramic is an excellent heat insulator, so the products do not deform at a large temperature range. Chemical resistance-products are able to work in aggressive environments and are protected from any form of corrosion. Excellent dielectric properties allow this material to be widely used in electronics and computer technology. Radiation resistance makes it possible to use it in the nuclear industry.


 The optimal solution for mass production. The 3600 is the largest industrial printer in the 3DCeram product line with a build area of ​​600x600x300mm. The Ceramaker 3D printer allows you to produce products with high surface quality, the roughness of which does not exceed 2 microns.

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