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About Technology

Experience the transformative power of 3D technology through the achievements that our customers have made in healthcare. Not only do our end-to-end 3D solutions change possibilities – they are transforming lives. A healthcare revolution is taking place throughout the world, founded on the ability to create highly personalized 3D printed medical devices and patient-specific surgical simulation and direct printing of individualized implants and customized instrumentation. This revolution is not only fueled by effecting speed and cost, it is transforming and enriching lives. Surgeons, healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, and medical teaching staff use a range of precision healthcare solutions, including virtual reality simulators, 3D printed anatomical models, virtual surgical planning, patient-specific surgical guides, instrumentation and implants.

Technology Advantages

Training on human-like, 3D printed parts increases the quality of skills doctors obtain during training and the medical treatment of patients.

Advantages of 3D printing include precise control of droplet size and dose, high reproducibility, and the ability to produce dosage forms with complex drug-release profile.

3D printing allows to 3D print medical and lab equipment. It is possible to 3D print plastic parts of the equipment. This makes equipment more readily available and allows low-income or hard to access areas to get 3D printed medical equipment more easily.

3D printers give users the freedom to choose, e.g. different designs, forms, sizes and colors of their prostheses. This makes every 3D printed piece personalized.

3D printing allows you to reorient production to meet any needs and requests as quickly as possible, as well as increase the volume of deliveries at minimal cost.

3D Printers & related products

Application of 3D printers in Industries

The best solution for your own additive manufacturing. The largest print platform in segment 280x165x400 mm. Unprecedented speed up to 1 cm/min in z. Integrated industrial grade print/wash/cure solution and cognitive connected software. Nexa3D’s materials are tailored to the LSPc process delivering speed, durability and accuracy. In addition to our highly reliable LSPc technology, the NXE 400 is crafted to be completely modular in design for easily interchangeable parts and technology upgrades eliminating hardware obsolescence.


Remarkably fast 3D printer, capable of reaching up to 1Z cetimeter build per minute. With its propietary LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) technology NXE400 prints at 6X the speed and 2.5X volume of all other comparable 3D printers on the market.

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