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Farsoon Flight® 252P Series

A Powerful + Flexible Platform for Material Development And High-temperature Applications



External Dimensions (L×W×H)

21735×1225×1975 mm ( 68.3×48.2×77.8 in )

Build Volume

9.8×9.8×12.6 in / 250x250x320 mm

Net Weight

Approx. 2100KG ( 4629.7 lb )

Laser Type

Fiber laser, 1×300W


High-precision three-axis galvo system

Layer thickness

Scanning Speed

Max. 20 m/s (65.6 ft/s)

Max. Chamber Temperature

280°C ( 536℉ ) 220°C ( 428℉ )

Thermal Field Control

Eight-zone heater & Intelligent temperature control systems

Temperature Regulation

Continuous real-time build surface temperature monitoring & optimization

Operating system

64 bit Windows 10


BuildStar, MakeStar®

Data File Format


Key Software Features

Open machine key parameters, real-time build parameter modification, three-dimensional
visualization, diagnostic functions

Power Supply

EUR/China: 380-400V, 50/60Hz, three-phase, US: transformer sold with machine

Operating Ambient Temperature

22-28°C (71.6-82.4℉)


FS3201PA-F, FS3300PA-F, FS3401GB-F, LUVOSINT® TPU X92A-1064 WT

UI Mode

Real-time interchangeable expert mode and production mode

3D printers


Printing material



The optimal performance of Flight® 252P Series combining high-temperature capabilities and high feature resolution has opened up many potentials for new polymer materials development to expand new markets and applications.



Equipped with an all-new fiber laser in place of a standard CO2 laser, Flight® or Fiber Light® Technology is capable of delivering a smaller
laser spot size with greatly increased power, as well as a more homogenous energy distribution to the powder bed. Farsoon’s 252P series
is to latest to implement the Flight® system to achieve full sintering of powder in a significant shorter amount of time, and with improved
feature detail compared to other standard plastic laser sintering technologies. Due to the more robust and stable nature of a fiber laser
system, Flight® Technology also provides improved laser longevity which is key when considering ROI for manufacturing applications.



The Flight® 252P series offers two configurations capable of achieving processing chamber temperatures from up to 220°C (HT) to 280°C
(ST). Enhanced thermal controls, temperature shielded components, and enhanced parameters offer customers the ability to process high
performance polymer materials.



Application of Flight® Technology on Farsoon’s high-temperature 252P series results in a powerful, yet versatile plastic AM solution.
The compact size of 252P series is well suited for the research environment as well as small scale production. With increased energy
absorption characteristics of Fiber laser, paired with truly open parameters, Flight® 252P series is capable of accessing a much wider range
of process-able materials and operational flexibility as compared to standard laser sintering systems, which allows for increased freedom
for future AM material and application development