Farsoon Technologies — FS200M×2

Introducing FS200M×2 System

As a new addition to our medium-sized metal LPBF portfolio, the FS200M×2 is equipped with a versatile build volume of 425 x 230 x 300 mm and powerful dual 500-watt laser configuration. The FS200M×2 ideal for medium to high volume metal series production and prototypes with fast manufacturing turn-overs rates, versatility, and impressive ROI.

Highly Productive + Scalable Metal Production System.

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Versatile build envelope of 425 x 230 x 300 mm
High production speed with dual 500-watt lasers
 Fast manufacturing turn-over rate


Featured with a versatile rectangular build envelope of 425×230×300mm and two powerful 500-Watt fiber lasers, the FS200M-2 is created to meet the highest manufacturing standards for series production in molds & tooling, automotive and many other industries; addressing customer’s pain points such as productivity, cost-performance and ease of use.



With the combination of advanced dual-laser scanning strategies, industry-leading communication speeds, robust recoater design, the FS200M-2 is able to achieve faster production speed while ensuring required surface quality. The high-efficiency top-feed powder system and the convenient powder delivery unit offers great efficiency for material handling without disturbing the build process.



Equipped with an integrated, two-stage filter module, the FS200M-2 is suited for longer manufacturing operation and helps reducing the cost of the filter changes. The compact machine design of 3.48 square meters footprint enables denser, flexible factory layout for maximum throughput yield per floor area for a true economical production cost.

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External Dimensions (L×W×H)

2320×1500×2000 mm (91.3×59.1×78.7 in)

Build Cylinder Size(L×W×H)

425×230×300 mm ( 16.7×9.1×11.8 in ) (not including build plate thickness)

Net Weight

Approx. 2000 kg (4409.2 lb)

Layer thickness

Scanning Speed

Max. 10 m/s ( 32.8 ft/s )

Laser Type

Dual fiber lasers, 2×500W


F theta lenses

Inert Gas Protection


Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process

3-5 L / min

Operating system

64 bit Windows 10


BuildStar, MakeStar®

Data File Format


Key Software Features

Open machine key parameters, real-time build parameter modification, three-dimensional
visualization, diagnostic functions

Power Supply

EUR/China: 400V±10%, 3~/N/PE, 50Hz, 25A US: transformer sold with machine

Operating Ambient Temperature

22-28°C (71.6-82.4℉)


316L, 420, AlSi10Mg, Maraging Steel Grade 300, ST1

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