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Farsoon FS273M

High Value Proposition, Medium-frame Metal Production System.

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Farsoon FS273M Brochure



External Dimensions (L×W×H)

2315×1650×2105mm (91.1×65.0×82.9 in)

Build Volume

10.8×10.8×14.0 in / 275x275x355 mm

Net Weight

Approx. 2200 kg ( 4850.2 lb )

Layer thickness

Scanning Speed

Max. 15.2 m/s ( 49.9 ft/s )

Laser Type

Dual Lasers, 2×500W (FS273M-2), Single Laser, 1×500W (FS273M)


F theta lenses or dynamic focusing system

Inert Gas Protection


Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process

3-5 L / min

Operating system

64 bit Windows 10


BuildStar, MakeStar®

Data File Format


Key Software Features

Open machine key parameters, real-time build parameter modification, three-dimensional
visualization, diagnostic functions

Power Supply

EUR/China: 400V±10%, 3~/N/PE, 50Hz, 15A US: transformer sold with machine

Operating Ambient Temperature

22-28°C (71.6-82.4℉)


316L, 420, AlMgScZr, AlSi10Mg, AlSi7Mg, CuCrZr, H13, HX, IN718, Maraging Steel Grade 300, Pure Copper, Ta, TA15, Ti6Al4V, W

3D printers


Printing material



Versatile build envelope of 305 x 305 x 400 mm
Highly productive single or dual 500-watt lasers
 Top cost-performance on the market


With an industrial-sized 275×275×355mm build envelope as well as an expanded powder feeding cylinder size, FS273M offers streamlined metal production of larger volume parts with a wide range of industrial metal powder materials.


The FS273M metal laser sintering system is a high value proposition industrial production tool. Advanced digital optics system, robust controls, and truly open parameters gives users a much wider range of process capabilities. The FS273M is able to achieve highly detailed, functional parts while maintaining a price competitive advantage. Compact machine design enables denser, flexible factory layout for maximum throughput yield per floor area at an economical additive production cost.


The FS273M features an integrated, long-lasting filtration system which allows extended operation time for longer builds and reducing the cost of filter changes. Other convenient features including pre-heated base plate, robust recoater operations, removable overflow containers, and a powder supply sufficient for a full build ensures ease of operation and good serviceability

Industrial Applications with FS273M

As our next generation of our medium-sized metal system, the FS273M system has been through years of optimizing of the productivity, machine performance through continuous collaboration with our industrial partners; meanwhile keep pushing the true industrialization of the metal additive manufacturing by reducing customers’ cost of operation, especially for tight margin industries like molds & tooling.