Al-Si-Cu Aluminium Metal Powder

Al-Si-Cu is a novel Al-Si-Cu alloy with high processability via PBF. The alloy can be used both after annealing or T6 temper. Heat treatment improves the elongation and decreases internal stresses. T6 temper ensures better fatigue performance, with slightly lower strength. Building rates are equal or better than ones for AlSi10Mg alloy. RS-320 alloy can be used as the substitution of casting and some wrought aluminium alloys with medium strength.

Powder characteristics
O2 content ≤0,08 %
Moisture content ≤0,03 %
Shape of the particles Spherical
Non-metallic inclusions None
Physical properties
Density 2,659 g/cm3
Porosity ≤ 0,25 vol. %
Thermal conductivity 124 W/m·K
Average mechanical properties
As-built Annealed T6
Elastic modulus Е XY 69 GPа 69 GPа 69 GPа
UTS (σВ) XY 450 MPa 434 MPa 375 MPa
Z 460 MPa 430 MPa 370 MPa
TYS (σ0,2), XY 350 MPa 240 MPa 310 MPa
Z 340 MPa 230 MPa 300 MPa
Elongation δ5 XY 2% 4,50% 6,70%
Z 2% 4% 6,10%
High-cycle fatigue limit  (N = 2·107) XY 150 MPa 130 MPa 190 MPa
Z 140 MPa 120 MPa 180 MPa
Hardness 145 HV 124 HV 124 HV



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