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Al-Mg-Sc Aluminium Metal Powder

Al-Mg-Sc is a corrosion resistant Al-Mg-Sc alloy with improved performance in heat treated state. The parts or samples do not require solution treatment followed by quenching. High properties are achieved
after conventional annealing. Sc concentration was adjusted so as to provide an optimal high tensile characteristics to price ratio. Parts can be machined, welded, polished, coated or treated otherwise like
conventional Al-Mg products.



Al, Mg, Sc


Physical properties
Density 2,658 g/cm3
Porosity ≤ 0,50 vol. %
Thermal conductivity 124 W/m·K
Average mechanical properties
As-built Annealed
Elastic modulus Е XY 72 GPа 72 GPа
UTS (σВ) XY 390 MPa 485 MPa
Z 380 MPa 480 MPa
TYS (σ0,2) XY 290 MPa 435 MPa
Z 290 MPa 440 MPa
Elongation δ5 XY 25% 16,50%
Z 22% 10,80%
High-cycle fatigue limit  (N = 2·107) XY 180 MPa
Z 150 MPa
Corrosion behavior of RS-553 alloy in Z direction (annealed)*
Corrosion rate 0,462 g/m2·day
Loss of UTS 11%
Loss of TYS 8%
Average mechanical properties at elevated temperatures
130° 200°
TYS (σ0,2) Z 340 MPa 200 MPa
UTS (σВ) Z 365 MPa 220 MPa