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Al-Si-Ni Aluminium Metal Powder

Al-Si-Ni is an Al-Si-Ni alloy with good processability via PBF and increased working temperature. The alloy can be used both after annealing or standard T6 temper. T6 temper ensures the better strength
performance. The alloy can be used as structural material for various applications (automotive, aerospace, etc.) under the heating up to 250°С.



Al, Ni, Si


Physical properties
Density 2,819 g/cm3
Porosity ≤ 0,25 vol. %
Average mechanical properties
Annealed T6
Elastic modulus Е XY 76 GPа 76 GPа
RT UTS (σВ) XY 360 MPa 360 MPa
Z 365 MPa 365 MPa
RT TYS (σ0,2) XY 200 MPa 265 MPa
Z 200 MPa 270 MPa
250°С UTS (σВ) XY 160 MPa 170 MPa
Z 160 MPa 160 MPa
250°С TYS (σ0,2) XY 145 MPa 160 MPa
Z 140 MPa 150 MPa
250°С Elongation δ5 XY 27% 18%
Z 25% 9%
Rupture (σ100250) XY 115 MPa