3DCeram C900 FLEX

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С900 Flex 3D printer allows you to produce products with a high surface quality, the roughness of which does not exceed 2 microns.


Mechanical processing can be carried out at any intermediate stage. The parameter setting module has an open architecture, which makes it possible to use different materials. CERAMAKER 3D printer is equipped with modules of different size. This makes it possible to optimize the consumption of paste during printing. The model has gained wide popularity in the aircraft industry, chemical industry, medicine, watchmaking and jewelry, devices are used to produce complex electrical components.

Open parameters

  • 3 sizes of building platform: 100 x 300 mm, 200 x 300 mm and 300 x 300 mm
  • Free link technology
  • SAM (Small Amount of Material) option : launch a fast printing run with only 100 mL of slurry

Additional information





1450 kg

3D Printer Dimensions

1060 × 2250 × 2040 mm (41.73 × 88.6 × 80.31 inch)

Build Volume

300 × 300 × 100 mm (11.81 × 11.81 × 3.93 inch)

Printing technology


Layer thickness

Printing material


Light source

UV Laser

UV Wavelength

Laser spot diameter

Electrical requirements

Electric power

2 kW

Optimum indoor operation temperature

20-25 °C, 68-77°F

Maximum room temperature variation


Relative humidity

Compressed air

6 bars dry

Hybrid option


Additional equipment

Ceraсleaner – Nitrogen kiln – Sintering furnace

Client Operating System

Web Dashboard


12 months

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