3D printer  С100 EASY FAB is the result of 15 years of experience in ceramic printing. It takes no more than 30 minutes to start the construction of the part, including material loading and setup. Lightweight and mobile, this universal ceramic printer will complement your production.  It is ideal for the development of prototypes with the prospect of transferring to industrial volumes. Special system of minimum consumption of materials SAM (Small Amount of Material).

Why is 3D printing of ceramic products preferable to making them using traditional methods?

  • Because of the quick ability to make constructive changes.
  • The ability to manufacture products with a complex individual shape, including complex internal channels.
  • Production of products with an individual composition of additives in the material. This allows you to achieve unique and necessary characteristics of products.

Additional equipment

  • Installation of post-processing models – allows you to easily remove unpolymerized paste.
  • Furnaces for removing photopolymer (in oxygen and nitrogen environment) and sintering of parts (in a professional environment).

Additional information





750 kg

3D Printer Dimensions

1000 × 1500 × 1900 mm (39.37 × 59.05 × 74.8 inch)

Build Volume

100x100x100 mm, 39.3×39.3×39.3 in

Printing technology


Layer thickness

Printing material


Light source

UV Laser

UV Wavelength

Laser spot diameter

Electrical requirements

Optimum indoor operation temperature

20-25 °C, 68-77°F

Electric power

2 kW

Maximum room temperature variation


Relative humidity

Compressed air

6 bars dry

Hybrid option


Client Operating System

Web Dashboard


12 months

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