Shining EinScan Pro 2X

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The EinScan Pro 2X 2020 is a new generation handheld 3D scanner that incorporates the latest technology. It has been developed based on feedback from thousands of users and the input of SHINING 3D’s R&D team. With improved speed and accuracy, this portable and versatile scanner will enhance the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling.


Improves the Efficiency of High-quality 3D Modeling | Multifunctional 3D Scanner


Basic Information


Country of manufacture – China

Speed – Rapid Scan

Design – Ergonomic

Single Scan Range – 150x120mm – 250x200mm

Weight – 1.13 kg

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The EinScan Pro 2X is a professional handheld and affixed 3D scanner developed by SHINING 3D. It is designed to capture high-precision and high-resolution 3D data of objects ranging in size from small to large. The scanner utilizes structured light scanning technology, which projects a pattern of light onto the object and captures the deformation of the pattern to generate a 3D model. 


The EinScan Pro 2X offers four scanning modes: Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Fixed Scan with a turntable, and Fixed Scan without a turntable. Each mode is optimized for different scanning scenarios and provides varying levels of accuracy and detail. The scanner can capture intricate details and textures, making it suitable for various applications such as product design, reverse engineering, heritage preservation, and digital entertainment.

The EinScan Pro 2X is also compatible with the EinScan Pro 2X Plus module, which enables the scanner to capture even higher accuracy and detail. Additionally, it can be integrated with the Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition software for a complete solution in 3D scanning, design, and simulation.


Easy to Carry and Use


The EinScan Pro 2X 2020 is designed to be portable and user-friendly. Its lightweight and compact size allow for easy transportation, similar to a laptop. Additionally, it offers plug-and-play installation, making it simple to set up and start scanning immediately.

Improved Scanning Speed

With advancements in data capture hardware and optimized algorithms, the EinScan Pro 2X 2020 offers faster scanning speeds than ever before. It can process up to 1,500,000 points per second (30 fps) under the Handheld Rapid Scan Mode, providing efficient and quick scanning capabilities.

High Accuracy


The EinScan Pro 2X 2020 delivers high accuracy in its scans. Under the Fixed Scan Mode, it can achieve a single scan accuracy of up to 0.04 mm. When using markers, the volumetric accuracy under handheld scanning modes is up to 0.045mm+0.3mm/m.

Capturing Fine Details



This scanner is capable of capturing even the finest details. Under the Handheld Rapid Scan and Handheld HD Scan modes, it has a minimum point distance of 0.2mm, resulting in high-resolution 3D data.

Modular Design for Diverse Applications

For a wider range of scanning experiences and applications, the EinScan Pro 2X 2020 offers optional add-ons, such as the Color Pack and Industrial Pack. These modules enhance the versatility of the scanner and cater to different scanning needs.

Versatile Scan Modes and Align Modes


The EinScan Pro 2X 2020 supports various scan modes, including Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Fixed Scan without Turntable, and Fixed Scan with Turntable. It also offers multiple alignment modes, such as feature alignment, marker alignment, texture alignment, turntable coded targets alignment, and manual alignment.


  • Scan Speed. (Handheld Rapid Scan) The EinScan Pro 2X offers a scanning speed of 30 frames per second, allowing it to capture up to 1.5 million points per second.
  • Scan Accuracy. (Auto Scan / Fixed Scan) With an accuracy of 0.04 mm, the EinScan Pro 2X ensures precise and reliable scanning results in both auto scan and fixed scan modes.
  • Volumetric Accuracy. (Handheld Rapid Scan) The handheld rapid scan mode of the EinScan Pro 2X provides a volumetric accuracy of 0.1 mm plus 0.3 mm per meter, ensuring high-quality and accurate 3D data.
  • Minimum point spacing. (Handheld HD / Rapid Scan) The handheld HD and rapid scan modes of the EinScan Pro 2X allow for a minimum point spacing of 0.2 mm, enabling the capture of fine details with exceptional clarity.
  • Outstanding scanning performance. The EinScan Pro 2X delivers outstanding scanning performance, combining incredible scanning speed and efficiency to ensure fast and accurate data capture.
  • High Accuracy. The scanner is known for its high accuracy, allowing for the precise capture of fine details, ensuring that every aspect of the scanned object is accurately represented.

You can view the models scanned by Handheld Pro HD Mode clicking on the buttons below:

Additional information

Weight 2,5 lbs
Dimensions 14,6 × 14,4 × 5,3 in
Scan Mode

Handled HD Scan I Handled Rapid Scan, Fixed Scan with Turntable, Fixed Scan without Turntable

Scan Accuracy

Up to 0.045mm I up to 0.1 mm, 0.04 mm, 0.04 mm

Volumetric Accuracy


Scan Speed

3.000.000 points/s I 1.500.000 points/s, Single Scan < 1s, Single Scan < 1s

Align Mode

Feature Alignment I Markers Alignment, Turntable Coded Targets, Feature Marker
Markers Alignment I Texture Alignment, Feature, Marker, Marker
Hybrid Alignment I Feature Alignment, Manual Alignment, Manual Alignment
Hybrid Alignment

Point Distance

0.2mm-2mm I 0.2mm-2mm, 0.16 mm, 0.16 mm

Light Source


Texture Scan

Yes (with Add-on; Color Pack)

Output Formats


Single Scan Range


Depth of Field

±100 mm

Outdoor Operation

Set up the shelter or cover to avoid direct sunlight

Special Scan Object

For the transparent, highly reflective or some dark objects, please spray powder before scanning

Software Included

ExScan Pro, Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition



OS System Support

Win10, 64bit