ATO Noble

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ATO NOBLE for noble metal pulverization. It responds to customer needs concerning the economic atomization of expensive and rare metal alloys. As there are no limitations concerning the minimum charge and it is easy to change the system over to another material, the cost-efficiency and freedom of the atomization process are ensured.


Due to the application of a precisely calibrated ultrasonic system, you can process such materials as gold, silver, platinum, etc., not worrying about the high loss of the precious raw material. 

So, you are able to process 100% of the powder to be atomized. In conjunction with a dedicated filtration system, you minimize the material loss of the most precious alloys and facilitate their later recovery for reuse.

Key features of ATO Noble:

  • Dedicated solution for processing noble metals, e.g. gold, silver, platinum, palladium
  • Processing high density alloys and rare earth metals – density up to 21,500 kg/m3 
  • Increased process yield – 100% of the material processed by Metal Atomizers
  • Dedicated filtration system to minimize material loss and to facilitate its recovery for reprocessing – Zero Loss Technology 
  • Precise process control thanks to the application of dedicated oxygen sensors 
  • Compact dimensions of the device 
  • High quality powders – exceptional flowability, perfect sphericity, and narrow particle size

Additional information





Coolingmetal powders production


Ultrasonic atomization

Meltimg method


Sonotrode type

Nanoalloy sonotrode

Cooling method


Processable materials

Ag, Au, Pt, Pd, and more

Powder quality

High flowability, Spherical particle shape

Powder collecting system


Material form


Ultrasonic frequency

35 kHz (+ upgrade to higher frequency)

Ultrasonic powder

up to 800W

O2 level

< 0,1%

Plasma current

up to 250A

System throughput

up to 0,3l/h

Machine weight

600 kg.

Size (WxDxH)


Compressed air

4-8 bar

Inert gas


Power supply requirements / consumption

400V, 20KVA / 3 phase

Powder recycling system

Sieving unit

Water cooling

External chiller


12 months