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ATO Lab PLus

New, highly advanced version ATO LAB PLUS with a vacuum pump system for quick right atmosphere preparation and an extremely low oxygen level to achieve the best possible chemical purity of the materials. Well sealed process chamber allows to produce reactive metal powders and their alloys such as: titanium or aluminum.



Country of origin



Metal powders production


Ultrasonic atomization

Meltimg method


Sonotrode type

Half-wave nanoalloy sonotrode – patent pending

Inert gas flushing method

Vacuum pump

Cooling method


Processable materials

Non-reactive & reactive alloys (e.g. Ti, Al., Zr alloys, intermetallics e.g. Zr-based bulk metalic glass TiAl, NiAl, NiTi) and other refractory metals

Powder quality

Low oxygen content, Narrow PSD, High flowability, Spherical particle shape

PSD (particle size distribution)


Powder collecting system


Protective atmosphere preparation time

<5 min.

Input material

Wire / rod (upgrade: SingleBoltFS)*



Ultrasonic frequency

35 kHz (+ upgrade to higher frequency)

O2 level

< 150 ppm

System throughput

up to 0,3l/h

Machine weight

600 kg.

Size (WxDxH)

1994x813x1138 mm

Air supply

Compress air station

Inert gas


Power supply requirements / consumption

400V, 20KVA / 3 phase

Cleaning unit

Ultrasonic cleaner

Powder recycling system

Sieving unit

Water cooling

External chiller


12 months


ATO LAB PLUS also extends productivity. New MBRFS module enables higher efficiency

with a multi rod feeding mechanism, automated magazine for multiple bolt use in a single atomization process.

Due to the ordered nature of the ultrasonic atomization process, the output powder has

a very narrow particle size distribution, depending on the chosen ultrasound frequency. Since the material is melted directly on the surface of the atomizing unit, there is no risk of crucible-related impurities occurring in the product.

Applicable for:

  • for small to medium-sized companies
  •  metal powder manufacturers
  • research institutions.