HIPed Plate for EOS M290 Metal 3D Printer


High quality build plates are an essential element of the additive manufacturing process, which ensures inherent stability required to deliver quality components.
Made in California


A+ build plates are produced via powder metallurgy and hot isostatic pressing. They are 100% dense with fine-grain microstructure to establish minimized warping during the additive manufacturing process. 


A+ metal build plates with their inherent anisotropy provide a number of technical advantages over the rolled plates: 

  • Improved uniformity and homogeneity

  • Minimized distortions during selective heating resulting in the increased precision of the printed parts

  • Significantly fewer restrictions when positioning built parts to their surface

  • Increased lifespan (up to 10 times longer than the standard metal build plates)

  • Excellent anchorage (withstands up to 700 layers)

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce large-sized (up to 4’ by 4’) plates to keep up with advanced printers. Rectangular billets of the cross section can also be HIPed, so that the plates can be saw cut to the necessary thickness. 

We can also offer: 1) machine-to-print build plates; 2) tailor-made sizes and shapes (square, ring, circular, other atypical).


  • Medical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Power engineering
  • Precision tools
  • Aircraft engineering

Build plates can also be manufactured from customer’s “over-spec and over-used” powders.

* A+ metal build plates fit PBF and DED metal 3D printers.

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 11,8 × 11,8 × 2,8 in



Materials readily available for production

Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5; Cp-Ti Grade 2; IN 718; Ti-6Al-4V 23; IN 625