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Kings 1700Pro SLA 3D Printer

The KINGS 1700Pro SLA 3D Printer is a powerful and reliable machine designed for industrial use.

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Weight 7165 lbs
Dimensions 87 × 65.4 × 90.6 in

Build Volume

67x32x24 in / 1700x800x600 mm


3600kg, 7937Lb

Max Printing Size

66,9×31,5×23,6in 1700*800*600mm

3D Printer Dimensions

247x168x230cm, 97,2x66x90,6in

Rated Power Consumption


3D printers


Printing material


Laser Type

Solid-state frequency tripled Nd: YV04


0.000014in 355nm

Resin Surface Power

≥300 mW

Scanning Mode

Germanic galvanometer scanner

Variable Beam System


Beam Size

0.003-0.03in 0.085-0.8mm(Variable Beam)

Max Scanning Speed


Motion Control System


Machine Control Software

KINGS 3D control software

lnput Data File Format


Operating System

Windows 7/10

Network Type and Protocol


Electrical Requirement

200-240VAC 50/6OHz, single-phase,10A

Ambient Temperature


Relative Humidity


First Tank Resin

About 529lb 240kg

Main Sturcture

Marble recoater frame, marble elevator holder and marble scanning system base

Coating Mode

Intelligent position vacuum recoating

Vertical Resolution Ratio

0.00002in 0.0005mm

Repeat Positioning Accuracy

±0.004in ±0.01mm

Layer Thickness

0.002in~0.01in 0.05mm~0.25mm


L≤5.9in, ±0.004in L≤150mm, ±0.1mm
L>5.9in, ±0.004%*L L>150mm, ±0.1%*L


KINGS 1700Pro SLA 3D Printer is a professional-grade 3D printer that utilizes Stereolithography (SLA) technology. SLA printers use a liquid resin that is cured layer by layer using a UV light source to create highly detailed and accurate 3D prints. The KINGS 1700Pro offers a large build, allowing for the production of large-scale objects. It features a high-resolution printing capability, with a layer thickness as low as 0.05 mm, resulting in smooth and precise prints. With its dual laser heads, it is able to print large size products in half the time compared to ordinary SLA 3D printers. This printer is highly efficient in producing high-precision, small complex parts as well as large panels. 


  • Advanced high-speed scanning system with a speed of 15m/s
  • Variable beam size (0.075-0.8mm) and power
  • Automatic detection of upskin and downskin layers with customized parameters
  • Multiple parameter database with different layer thickness (0.05mm~0.25mm)


  • Utilizing top-quality components from renowned international brands, such as the Optowave laser from the US and the Scanlab galvanometer from Germany
  • Incorporating a full marble structure to enhance stability during recoating and scanning processes.
  • Equipped with a high-stiffness light recoater to ensure accurate and efficient recoating.



In contrast to traditional CNC machines, the Kings 3D printer stands out with its fast speed, high precision, ability to print large formats, and environmentally friendly features. These advantages result in savings in terms of manpower, financial resources, and time.


Kings 3D has developed specialized software for automotive 3D printing, drawing on their extensive experience with SLA 3D printers. They have established reliable parameters for printing auto parts using this technology.


Kings 3D has pioneered variable beam printing and adapted their software to achieve faster printing speeds.


Kings 3D provide a lot of customized options for free. The available upgrades include autofocus, automatic material reinfting, environmental sensor, and remote diagnosis and control to ensure that you prepare for the industry.


and high stiffness light recoater. SLA 3D printers, featuring optimized full marble structures and customized software parameter packages, demonstrate excellent stability for continuous printing of large projects.


The use of 3D printing in industries like equipment manufacturing, aerospace, automobiles, and intelligent manufacturing is widespread. Its ability to create objects with comparable strength to metal has made it highly valuable for producing functional prototypes and end-use parts.



AUTOMOTIVE. KINGS has invested heavily in research and development of printing materials specialized for the automotive industry.

LARGE PROTOTYPING. Kings 1700Pro Machine is gaining popularity due to the growing trend of larger 3D printing prototypes. With its large printing format, the Kings 800Pro can produce large-scale prototypes in one piece. Kings 3D is the first company in China to develop an SLA 3D printer with a printing volume of 800*800*500mm. The Kings 800Pro stands out from other brands due to its fast printing speed and long-term printing stability.

MANUFACTURING. Case parts, as well as complex configuration parts made of conventional materials requiring expensive and time-consuming machining can be successfully replaced by 3D printed parts and components. In this case, the required strength characteristics of parts are ensured with their lower weight and lower production costs.

HOME APPLIANCES. Home appliances are people’s daily necessity, including air conditioner, fridge, washer, acoustics, dust collector, electric fan, electric kettle, coffee pot, electric cooker, juicer, mobile phone and other small appliances. In the intensely competitive market, more and more manufacturers of home appliances apply 3D printing technology to print prototypes of the appliances, which improves design efficiency greatly.

HEALTHCARE. Each medical facility should have access to the latest tools in order to enhance patient care and provide the best possible experience. 3D printing technology offers personalized solutions in healthcare by improving workflow efficiency, enabling faster surgeries, enhancing identification and visualization, and providing innovative options for patients.


The function of the 3D printer is to directly create objects of various shapes from computer graphics data without the need for machining or molds. This significantly reduces the production cycle of products and improves productivity. Industrial 3D printers like the Kings 1700Pro are widely used in fields such as equipment manufacturing, aerospace, automobiles, and intelligent manufacturing. This latest generation of 3D printers has achieved groundbreaking speed, reducing costs by half while approaching the strength of metal. These printers excel in batch and large-scale production capabilities