Kings 3D Kings 450Pro Industrial SLA 3D Printer

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The KINGS 450Pro Industrial SLA 3D Printer is a specific model of SLA 3D printer designed for industrial use. It is a powerful machine that utilizes Stereolithography (SLA) technology to create high-precision and detailed parts with complex geometries. The KINGS 450Pro offers a wide range of materials, high feature resolutions, and quality surface finishes, making it suitable for creating concept models, cosmetic prototypes, and intricate industrial parts.


The KINGS 450Pro Industrial SLA 3D Printer is a powerful machine used for Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing. This process is commonly used in the industrial sector to create concept models, cosmetic prototypes, and complex parts with intricate geometries. 


It allows for rapid prototyping and development of final products. While the photopolymer parts produced by SLA may not have the strength of other 3D printing methods like Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) or FDM, they can achieve much higher levels of detail and complex geometries.

SLA 3D printing is primarily used for parts that require high accuracy and small features. It also provides good surface quality for cosmetic prototypes and is suitable for form and fit testing.

SLA parts have a smooth surface finish, making them ideal for creating realistic prototypes with high-quality and detailed features, similar to injection molding parts. 

SLA offers a wide range of materials, high feature resolutions, and quality surface finishes, making it one of the best options for SLA 3D printing.

industrial application

3D Printers SLA are widely applied by shoe manufacturer, mould factory, automobile manufacturer, college, research institute, construction company, etc., who come from various industries, like Shoe, Mould, Prototype, Toys, Cartoon,  Architecture, Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, Dental, Appliance,  Workshop, Education, CNC,  Automotive, Furniture, Design, Bicycle, etc.

medical application

3d printing technology is frequently applied in clinical medicine, helping more and more patients. At this time, Kings SLA 3d printers is widely used to develop goggles, shield masks, and breathing valves, which are actively contributing to the fight against Coronavirus. The following are the medical protective products produced by customers of Kings 3D with SLA 3D Printers .

shoe industry

From the idea design to the finished product, making shoe mold is an indispensable part. And the process of making shoe molds, from hand-made at the beginning, to CNC engraving, to 3D printing, the time and cost of making a pair of shoes are reduced as well.

3D printing can quickly print shoe models and molds, and the material of the models and molds became resin. In order to address the needs of customers in the shoe industry, our personnel visit the shoe factory to understand the situation and develop resins suitable for printing shoe models and molds. The first is the use of shoe models. In SLA 3D printing of footwear, there are shoe model, sand casting molds and molds for small batch production. Each application has different requirements for materials and finished products. 

Additional information

Weight 7937 lbs
Dimensions 142 × 32 × 106 in




1764Lb, 800kg

3D Printer Dimensions

104x117x192cm, 41x46x75,6in

Rated Power Consumption


3D printers


Printing material


Laser Type

Solid-state frequency tripled Nd: YV04


0.000014in 355nm

Resin Surface Power

≥300 mW

Scanning Mode

Germanic galvanometer scanner

Variable Beam System


Beam Size

0.0026-0.03in 0.065-0.8mm(Variable Beam)

Max Scanning Speed


Motion Control System


Machine Control Software

KINGS 3D control software

lnput Data File Format


Operating System

Windows 7/10

Network Type and Protocol


Electrical Requirement

200-240VAC 50/6OHz, single-phase,10A

Ambient Temperature


Relative Humidity


First Tank Resin

About 309lb 140kg