SLA printing reduced the production cycle of an aircraft engine sleeve by 3 months

The aim

To reduce the production time for a passenger aircraft part.

The solution

SLA printing with QuickCast technology has reduced the production time for bushing used in aircraft engines. The technology creates a solid shell of the model and is filled with a cellular structure, which increases the burnout process several times. It leaves no ashes, and the final part shape remains the same as the original 3D model. The use of QuickCast 3D printing technology enables saving materials while producing the most detailed part with a high resolution. After assembling all parts, it was covered with a special ceramic composition, and the metal was poured into the mold. After solidification and removal of the form, the final part was taken out.


  • The Quick Cast model replaces traditional casting models and does not require expensive tooling. Thus, the company reduced the cost of casting models by 95%.
  • SLA printing reduced the production cycle by 3 months. Nexa3D printer solves a number of aerospace production tasks, as well as 3DCeram equipment, which produces ceramic parts for complex circuits.
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