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Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer

Industrial SLS 3D Printer solution with 17.3*17.3*17.7 in build size.

Kings 3D SLS 3D Printer brochure


Weight 4190 lbs
Dimensions 72.3 × 52.6 × 89.7 in
Build Volume

17.3×17.3×17.7 in /440×440 mm


3D printers


Printing material


Laser Type


Beam Size

0.28 mm (Variable Beam)

Max Scanning Speed


Machine Control Software

KINGS 3D control software

lnput Data File Format


Operating System

Windows 7/10

Network Type and Protocol


Electrical Requirement

200-240VAC 50/6OHz, single-phase,10A

Layer Thickness

0.003in~0.05 in


main features

Kings P440 SLS 3D Printer is a new Large printing size and high molding efficiency.

The continuously optimized temperature control scheme and scanning path scheme can improve the molding efficiency, and it will be upgraded for customers free of charge for life.

High-speed Laser Sintering

  • Optimized scanning and heating system 5KG can be printed within 24h.
  • Beam size >0.28 mm: beam size relate to printing soeed and variable beam relate to printing precision.
  • 8-zone independent temperature zone control.

External powder cylinder Supply

Save cost: The main machine can be smaller, better structure, easy maintenance, and cost saving.

Continuous supply: With continuously supplying powder to the machine, it simplifiesoperations and ensures continuous production.

One Powder cylinder can supply two machines: It simplifies factory layout for management and mass production.

Dual-scraper two-way intelligent powder supply

Dual-scraper two- way intelligent powder supply VS Roller powder supply.

Better printing surface: The powder bed will be pressed by roller , which may cause details blurring.

High consistency for precision and strength: It will cause higher deformation in the center and corner of thepowderbed for Roller powder supply.

High efficiency: Dual-scraper two-way intelligent powder supply is more efficient thanRoller powder supply.

self developed software

100% compatible with our own machine to reach best performance

User-friendly with customized languages supported EN,DE,SP,FR,CNetc.

Free updating, rich data packs for different application and industry

self developed materials

Material is 100% compatible with SLS machine, which will ensure better precision, stability, and accuracy.

Econimic and cost-effective.

1. It is 100% produced by Kings, price much less than other OEMbrands.
2. It makes the re-use rate close to 100%. 20% fresh powder and 80% used powder.

Production capacity reaches 15,00kg/day. It also performs well inEOSand many other models. The high performance is approvedbydomestic customers.


GFPA1200BK nylon powder (black). Black nylon powder with a particle size D50 of about 50 microns and a narrow and uniform distribution. It can be sintered using fiber laser or carbon dioxide laser, and the powder has high sphericity and extremely high fluidity.

GFPA12GB glass fiber reinforced nylon powder (blue gray). Excellent transparency. Excellent humidity and moisture resistance. Fast to build and easy to finish. Accurate and dimensionally stable.

GFPA1200 nylon powder (white). Nylon powder with high sphericity and fluidity. Maintain color stability in repeated use.






Functional Proof of Concept Models, Design Evaluation Models (Form & Fit), Engineering Design Verification, Product Performance and Testing, Wind-Tunnel Test Models.

Rapid Manufacturing. Aerospace hardware, Medical and healthcare, Electronics; packaging, connector, Homeland security, Military hardware.

Tooling and Patterns. Investment Casting Patterns, Jigs, fixtures and tools.

Production.Part consolidation exercises. Complex plastic parts. Short run end-use components.