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Microtrac CAMSIZER ONLINE Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

The CAMSIZER ONLINE is an online 3D particle size and shape analyzer that can be integrated into any process loop.

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Country of origin


Measurement range

ONLINE: 30 µm – 30 mm // ONLINE XL: 160 µm – 150 mm

Measurement principle

Dynamic Image Analysis (ISO 13322-2 & 9276-6)

Type of analysis

Dry analysis of powders, granulates and bulk material

Typical analysis time

approx. 5 – 10 minutes (depending on the desired measuring statistics)

Detection system

High-speed camera with 100 images per second (each with 5 MP)


AC input: 100 – 132 VAC (120 VAC model) / 200 – 250 VAC (240 VAC model), 47-63 Hz, single phase

Power consumption

Approx. 75 VA maximum


10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)


20% to 90% RH, non-condensing maximum

Storage temperature

-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F) (dry only)


ISO 13322-2 Dynamic Image Analysis

Case material

Stainless steel
Epoxy overcoat finish (optional)

Sample transport material

Stainless steel

Dimensions (H x W x D)

ONLINE: 35 x 55 x 12 in (900 x 1401 x 300 mm) // ONLINE XL: 48 x 67 x 16 in (1229 x 1693 x 400 mm)


ONLINE: 132 lbs (60 kg) // ONLINE XL: 198 lbs (90 kg)


The CAMSIZER ONLINE takes the proven capabilities and advantages of Microtrac MRB’s CAMSIZER technology into the process environment. Dynamic Imaging characterizes materials in motion by digitizing photographic images of the material and storing them in an image file. Calculations of material size and morphology are used to optimize process conditions. The patented 3D technology brings process measurements to another level by the ability to track particles in all orientations through the sensing zone of the instrument.


Specifically designed for on-line analysis in harsh, industrial environments

Patented 3D size and shape analysis Integration with plant data control systems 100% sieve correlation

Self-cleaning and low maintenance

SOP feature for unattended operation

Explosion proof (optional)

Custom integrated sampling systems which return samples to the process

Housed in a IP66 industrial hardened enclosure, the CAMSIZER ONLINE is integrated with a standard or customized sampling system to provide real- time data for process control.


Process automation in the measurement of size and morphology of materials provides faster, safer and more accurate data for process optimization. Currently many plants use laboratory-based measurements for quality and process control. This requires an operator to enter potentially dangerous parts of the facility, in order to grab a sample from the process line, walk it back to laboratory for sample preparation, measurement, evaluation and reporting. This process is rather slow and can take anything from 2 to 12 hours. During

that time material parameters can change and the process may be running at a suboptimal level, leading to poor quality material and the additional costs that inevitably arise from that. Real-time analyses in the process deliver immediate information which is critical to process and quality control. By making adjustments in real-time, the process will operate at maximum production levels, all the while virtually eliminating any unplanned downtime. Microtrac MRB’s patented 3D technology utilizes an innovative scheme of tracking particles, taking multiple images of each particle and measuring length, width, thickness, perimeter and area. This enables the calculation of more than 35 3D size and shape parameters that are extremely valuable and accurate for on-line analysis. Microtrac MRB’s patented 3D size and shape parameters enable you to measure characteristics of your product including sphericity, surface roughness, flakiness and aspect ratios utilizing the thickness. These types of measurements result in effective, lower cost coating or post processing, packaging, storage and shipment of your product. These measurements also enable you to run your production equipment at optimal cost and efficiency, returning money to your bottom line.

The CAMSIZER ONLINE system utilizes a funnel, vibrating tray, stroboscopic light, powerful high resolution, high speed camera and sophisticated software to perform the measurements. Particles are introduced to the vibrating tray via the funnel. The particles travel down the vibrating tray and fall, creating a tumbling motion. The Camsizer software tracks each particle as it falls through the sensing zone, taking up to 300 pictures per second. The software automatically aligns the particles for viewing (with 6-30 images of each particle). Particle size distributions utilizing one or multiple size parameters can be reported, and powerful filter functionality can enable the user to isolate groups of particles of particular interest to them and perform more targeted analysis.  The analyzer’s standard operating procedure (SOP) capability enables users to define their specific analysis and then continuously run their SOPs with no operator involvement, resulting in on-line analyses that are performed continuously and unattended. With the powerful reporting capabilities, plant operators are able to see the important 3D parameters for process control in real-time and run trend reports, enabling plants to anticipate problems before they occur. Furthermore, integration with your Data Control System (DCS) takes full advantage of existing inside operators who monitor every other aspect of your process. By utilizing an alarm feature or color-coded graphs on the DCS, out-of-control situations are known immediately and give your operators the ability to make real-time adjustments to keep the process running and in control. For larger materials (up to 150 mm) the CAMSIZER XL can also be used in process applications.


  • The CAMSIZER ONLINE delivers particle size and shape information online. Combined with Microtrac MRB’s tailor-made sampling systems, the information is delivered in real- time for Online process and quality control.
Scattered Light Analysis. Microtrac MRB is a leading supplier of laser diffraction systems (static light scattering), a versatile method for particle size determination. The portfolio also includes dynamic light scattering instruments which are perfectly suited for the characterization of nanoparticles. The development and production site for this product line is located in Pennsylvania, USA.
Image Analysis. With the CAMSIZER series Microtrac MRB provides high-quality systems for the measurement of particle size and particle shape based on both static and dynamic imaging. These instruments are developed and built in our production site in Haan, Germany. With the CAMSIZER series Microtrac MRB provides high-quality systems for the measurement of particle size and particle shape based on both static and dynamic imaging. These instruments are developed and built in our production site in Haan, Germany.
Surface & Porosity. Specific surface, BET value and porosity of powders are analyzed by gas adsorption. The competence center for this product line is located in Osaka, Japan.




Particle size and shape results will be available as distribution and trend data. Due to its robust design the CAMSIZER ONLINE is working 24/7, virtually maintenance-free. All electronics are housed in an industrial IP66 casing. Various applications of free flowing particles are covered fully automatically with high precision, and provide immediate results. The operator gets all important information in real-time and can react to process changes immediately.





Drying. Particle size and Shape measurement of material coming from the Dryer is used to control the drying and granulation process. Data and information transferred directly to the Control Room allows for rapid adjustments to ensure product quality.


Sieving. Material coming from the dryer is transferred to storage silos through a sieving process. Coarse and fine material will be sieved out and the on-specification material goes to storage. Real time control of product quality ensures correct operation of the sieving process.





Particle size and roundness are critical parameters determining quality of EPS. Material is sent to sieves to separate coarse and fine material. Real-time measurement of size and roundness at this point allows faster control to maximize output of quality product. Particle size is important in the ability of mate- rials to absorb moisture. Overpopulation of fine material inhibits that ability. CAMSIZER ON- LINE monitors particle size and provides the control room with the information required to minimize fine material in the process.




A highly viscous paste is pressed through a matrix and cut with a sharp knife. The material in use can consist of plastic granules, extru- dates, washing powder, or something similar. The on-line measurement ensures a continu- ous size and shape information in real-time. Extruded particles usually have the shape of small cylinders. The CAMSIZER ONLINE measures the length to thickness ratio of the cylinders, as well as the total size of the parti- cles. This is made possible by the patented 3D capabilities of the CAMSIZER ONLINE. The 3D measurement consequently ensures reliable and fast results on the quality of the granulate.




In many cases, bulk materials are first stored before being shipped as raw product to other processors. When bulk material is loaded onto trains, ships or trucks, it is important to be able to assure the end users that the loaded mate- rial exactly meets the specifications. In the past, this quality control was performed via sieve analysis. In that case, the samples are manually taken and sent to the laboratory. There, the sieve analysis is performed and within 30 to 60 minutes the results are trans- mitted to the operators at loading station. With the CAMSIZER ONLINE, fast measure- ments are possible within 5 to 10 minutes. In addition, the results are immediately report- ed to the control room. This means that the quality is analyzed in real-time during the hold loading process.